My theory of Rubik’s cube

Abhishek Bhatt
4 min readSep 24, 2020

Rubik’s cube. Can you solve it?

If you have solved it then did you learn anything from it? If yes then what? Have you ever think about it?

If you don’t know how to solve it then did you think why? Why you can’t solve it or what you can learn from it?

Think on these questions, I have thought about it and realized that this 3*3 cube has taught me great lessons.

Yes, my dear reader with the greetings of the day, I would like to share those precious & virtuous lessons which I learnt unknowingly through my journey towards Rubik’s cube.

Almost before a year I got one cube, actually I was thinking to buy it, so one of my friends who was aware about it, gifted it to me for my birthday.

I was very much excited and curious when I hold it for first time in my hand, I started rotating & shuffling it. I did it for few minutes and then left it in my table drawer. From the next day onward, I had started facing the cube every time whenever I keep watch and wallet in the table drawer. And I was in impression to start solving that every day whenever I had a glimpse. So tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow, it took more than 2 months for that tomorrow.

On that day instead of tomorrow I said why can’t today???

Yes, from today onward I will start solving this cube. Here was the lesson number 1, In life we are getting many challenges, problems and many times instead of facing it, we are putting it away by saying that I will face it tomorrow. And sadly in many cases that tomorrow is never coming. We are not staying safe by living in our comfort zone; actually we are missing those golden opportunities wherein life is proper us in the means of great challenges. It will not harm you if you will try to face it, it will makes you confident and more stronger . So take out your cube from the drawer and start solving it by today itself.

So I started solving the cube, I was struggling to solve it. And 2 of my colleagues, who knew how to solve the cube, came to know about it. They started teaching me how to solve the cube. Firstly, they informed me about the pattern to solve it. First you have to do this followed by different patterns. Both taught me different ways to solve it. And I came up with the new way. Pattern was same but path ways were different. I believed that it will be tough when initially started solving, but my goal was very clear, I was able to see my goal — a solved Rubik’s cube. After hard work (less than I thought) and after lot of practice, I did it. And can you guess that how many weeks it took me to solve it? Not a single week, only just 4 days. It took me only 4 days to make the impossible thing possible.

So lesson number 2, In life every problem has a solution, you just have to identified the pattern to solve it. Indeed, ways can be different.

And lesson number 3, we all knows that nothing is impossible. You just have to believe in yourself and need to keep clear goal in your mind. Yes it will take some time and lots of hard work for sure but you will definitely succeed, may be not immediately but definitely.

After solving Rubik’s cube for first time, I started getting rid of it. I became much more confident because of that and I was able to teach others. Here is one more lesson, lesson number 4, whatever you learn, do it perfectly and practice it, till you become the master.

After solving it for the first time, I was like “uuuoooohhhhhh, I did it”. I was very much happy that “yeah, I got something to post on FB & Insta”.

Not exactly, I was not happy, for that. I was happy because now I have something good & worthy to pass on to my near & dear ones and especially to the next generation. I was proud of myself for achieving that. Because whatever you pass on, you will definitely get it back. If you are good with the world, soon will receive good. Similarly, if you share knowledge with people, in return you will get double knowledge.

So lesson number 5, always try to pass something good and worthy to the next person, this is how we will be able to make this world better place.

So if I sum up my entire theory of Rubik’s cube,

I learnt that

  1. Never run away from problems & challenges, face it , be stronger & confident.
  2. Every problem has solution, you just have to identify the pattern to solve it.
  3. Nothing is impossible. Just believe in yourself and keep clear goal in your mind.
  4. Be the master.
  5. There are always hidden lessons of life, just pause for a while and think.

Thank you very much for going through, may you have a healthy and happy life!!!