Abhishek Bhatt
3 min readSep 24, 2020



Come — U n I — Cation
We all know the meaning of Come, You, and, I.
Can you explain the meaning of “Cation”? No??? Make a guess at least!!!

OK, let me explain it.
Cation — A Positively charged ION and what Positively Charged ION does? It attracts Negative ION, Isn’t it? In a similar way, we can do through Communication.

Communication is the most efficient way to attract someone or to grab someone’s attention towards us. Is it true or not?

And, Come — U n I — Cation stands for nothing but Communication.

As per one survey, there are 4 different communication styles.
1) Supportive, 2) Analytical, 3) Direct, 4) Initiating

And all the four has one thing in common, ‘’communication’’.

I was thinking about different modes of communication. Can you please give a try to it?

Few modes are,
1) Face to face conversation, 2) Mobile call, 3) SMS, 4) E-mail, 5) Through Latter and so on.

There is one more mode of communication, which is dangerous. I.e. Through an Intermediator

There is a survey according to which a message always gets changed person to person and when the message reaches the last person, it always loses its actual meaning. We human beings have a powerful organ in our body, our brain. But our brains can be manipulated very easily. If you do not trust this survey, then I would like to suggest a game to you named Telephone game. It is also known as Russian scandal, whisper down the lane, secret message, the messenger game, broken telephone etc.

So, lesson number 1 is never ever stay dependent or take any decisions based on the communication passed by any intermediator.

Let me share an incident with you. There was a manager Mr. Bhatt. He used to start his day by greeting morning to his teammates. One day he had a very important meeting first thing in the morning. As usual he reached the office and started greeting morning to his teammates. Mr. Bhatt went to the desk of one of his teammate “AB” and said, Hey AB, What’s up buddy, Good Morning.
AB said, yeah, its morning but there is nothing good in that for me. But Mr. Bhatt was in hurry, so before AB completed his sentence, Mr. Bhatt had left his desk. I have one question here; did you find any mistake of Mr. Bhatt in this communication? What was his mistake? According to my point of view Mr. Bhatt’s mistake was that he started communication. Why? Because, he didn’t have enough time to connect and my belief is that you should communicate to connect.
So, lesson number 2 is, communicate to connect.

There is one quote written by a famous personality, Mr. Abhishek Bhatt.
That Quote is, “Discussion is better than Prediction”.
Never ever make prediction for anything. You cannot read someone’s mind and someone else also can’t read your mind. So why to waste our time in prediction?
Stand up, go there, and communicate.
Tell him or her how much you loved her/him, or how much you missed her/him, or what quality you like in her/him.
If you like food made by her/him — tell them.
Tell them if you like his/her honesty.
Tell them if he/she has dressed well.
Just go and communicate, even if you don’t like something please communicate.
Maybe you have good prediction skills, which is helpful in gambling.
But this is life and your relations are on stack, so my dear friend just go and communicate.
Because “Discussion is always better than Prediction”.

Thank you very much.