Hey you there,
What’s up???
I guess you are Fit & Fine as usual.

By reading the title of the article, you must be thinking that what a childish title it is!!!

Yes, you are right, but this article is related to childhood only.

So what is Musical Chair???
According to…

What did you do?

In life, at different stages, we all have been asked “What did you do?” by different personalities.

• Imagine a child scored less in a particular subject and at that time parents asked “What did you do for the entire year?”
• You didn’t finish the…


Come — U n I — Cation
We all know the meaning of Come, You, and, I.
Can you explain the meaning of “Cation”? No??? Make a guess at least!!!

OK, let me explain it.
Cation — A Positively charged ION and what…

Abhishek Bhatt

Read to Lead!!!

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